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We began 2018 when we noticed a huge struggle in finding both vegan cheese alternatives and healthier dinner options. It seemed like most options included something that we no longer ate or was allergic to. This became a struggle to enjoy our favorite foods, this is when Rooted Delights was born.

Our mission is to provide vegan cuisine that’s for everyone to enjoy at an affordable price, satisfying taste buds one by one, while bringing healthier options to all.

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Why Rooted Delights is Loved

Premium Quality

Our products are freshly made and prepared with each order to ensure freshness and quality.

Ready to Use

Our products are made ready to consume. You can eat it right out the pack or you can cook it to it’s desired state. The choice is up to you!

Natural Ingredients

We take pride in providing not only natural ingredients in our recipes but also fresh vegetables, spices, and seasonings.


We can assure you that all products are made with ingredients that are easy to pronounce.

Secret Ingredients

Our secret recipe is love and using natural ingredients that are prepared right from the source and shipped out to you.

Free from Dairy, Soy, Gluten, & Tree Nuts

We are considerate of our consumers and want to make sure it’s open to enjoy by all. So feel comfortable knowing we use real whole ingredients and are 100% vegan.

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Creamy Mozzah Cheez Wheel


Ingredients: Oat milk (water, oats), coconut oil, tapioca flour, carrageenan, sea salt, spices, lactic acid (vegan)



Mild Cheddah Cheez Wheel


Ingredients: Oat milk (water, oats), coconut oil, tapioca flour, sweet potato, peppers, carrageenan, spices, sea salt, lactic acid (vegan), vegan natural flavor (plant source), natural annatto (coloring)



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  • Receive your order & enjoy!

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